HAGGIS will be in the St. Patricks Day parade 2014. Please make arrangements to be there and help us promote CelticFest. It’s going to be a great time! Taking suggestions for float ideas now!


Just a reminder that we have a HAGGIS facebook page that is updated often with upcoming information. We also have a HAGGIS members group, for paid members to stay in touch and share information. Be sure to check us out!

Monthly council meeting

Just a reminder that July’s meeting is TOMORROW, July 23rd, at Dublin City Pub at 7pm. All members are welcome to attend!

Upcoming Concert

Here is some information that may be of  interest on some upcoming concerts of a Celtic Band:

Battlefield Band in Concert at: Elkader IA on 7th Sept 2013
Venue: Elkader Opera House,
tickets & info:
tel: 563 873 2378

Battlefield Band in Concert at: Davenport IA, on 14th Sept
First Presbyterian Church, 1702 Iowa Street,
tickets & info:
tel: (309) 793-1213)

June Council Meeting — NEW LOCATION

The location of our next council meeting has changed! We will be meeting
June 25th at 7pm at Cedar Lodge at Squaw Creek Park, the location of our
Celticfest, we will be meeting with Jason, the park manager to go over
details. Please spread the word!

In the news

Craig Hazelbaker, one of our society pipers (and the piper at my wedding 19 years ago!) is in the Cedar Rapids Gazette today! Check it out. CLICK HERE, pops to new window.

A nice bit of history on Robert the Bruce

The Telegraph today has an article about how Robert the Bruce told Edward II that he wanted peace at nearly any cost…but Edward would have to recognize him as ruler of a sovereign Scotland. Seems that “proud Edward” didn’t agree, went north, and was soundly defeated at Bannockburn. It’s a good read. Link. (Pops to new window.)

Council Meeting

The next upcoming council meeting will be Tuesday, May 28th, at 7pm at Dublin City Pub.

All members are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Aye, the website’s changed!

And more changes are on the way! Your intrepid webmaster is switching the site over to a WordPress blog format. This will make the site easier to maintain, easier to update, and easier to read on mobile devices such as phones. I can’t do the entire change all in one go, but rest assured, most of the information on the page will be on the new site…and easier to find to boot.

If you are looking for the old site, it’s actually still here…enter in your browser. It should work exactly like it did before. I’ll leave all of that up until the changes are done. After that, the old site may be archived.

If you have questions, you can comment here, or email me  at with the address ‘webmaster.’