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Scholarships and Grants

The Hawkeye Area Grand Gaelic Isles Society offer scholarships and grants to foster, encourage, and expand interest in all things Scottish, Gaelic and/or Celtic. The Executive Board and H.A.G.G.I.S. Council will determine the number and amount of awards available each year.

A required condition of an award is the return of a written letter confirming receipt of the grant or scholarship, outlining how the money was used. This letter should be sent to the Scholarship Committee Chair.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Scholarships are available to HAGGIS members only. Grants are available to members and some affiliates. If in doubt, please ask.

SCHOLARSHIPS are available to the active dues-paying HAGGIS members and their minor children. Scholarships may be used to help pay for books, tuition, or other related and specified educational expenses.

GRANTS are available to HAGGIS member families and their minor children, single adults and other associated parties of HAGGIS. Grants may be used to help pay for such things as bagpipe or highland dance lessons, special equipment, clothing or other related and specified expenses needed by HAGGIS members or affiliates for use in Scottish cultural activities.

Scholarships and Grants now use the same application form! Click HERE to download a copy.

Awards are presented at the Burns Supper near the end of January, at the Annual Meeting in the spring, at the Annual Picnic in the summer, or at All Things Scottish CelticFest in the autumn. If you are an interested member or affiliate, please apply by contacting the Scholarship Committee Chair, Matt MacNider.

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