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Special rules in place for this year’s Burns Supper

Folks, first, thanks for your patience with the sudden changes of venue. It was a wild week for the Council, recovering from the loss of TWO venues. We are grateful to the city of Shueyville for stepping into the breach! But…well, Shueyville is a government, and government facilities have rules. Here’s the run-down: Smoking and …

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Burns 2021 Online ONLY

Due to damage done to Glovik Hall at St Wenceslaus (and the ongoing pandemic, of course), there will be no in-person Burns Supper in 2021. Even if we manage to scrounge a new venue, we’d not be able to manage a buffet-style dinner. But we’ll have some online events! See the Burns Supper page for …

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Celticfest THIS SUNDAY at Squaw Creek Park

It’s almost time! It’s here! CELTICFEST IS IN TWO DAYS! We’ll all be there, and we know you will be as well. Know who else will be there? These guys!   Time Main Stage Children’s Stage 10:00 AM Blackhawk Pipes & Drums 11:00 AM Lilywren 11:30 AM Champagne Irish Dance Orkes & Trolles 12:00 PM …

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Website is on a new host

Folks, we’ve moved the entire site to a new hosting service. We had some trouble with the old one (including what appears to be a hacking attempt and some lost files), so we’re going with someone better. The move should be seamless. But if you notice anything wrong with the site, please let us know. …

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24 September 2013, 7 PM, HAGGIS councili at Dublin City Pub

BE THERE! Also Scott and Heidi’s 19th wedding anniversary, but who’s counting?

But it’s seven times the size of WALES!

Sure, ’tis a grand Scottish tradition to ignore the English…but to forget where England is? That’s just DAFT!   Captain forgets England is between Scotland and Belgium

June Council Meeting — NEW LOCATION

The location of our next council meeting has changed! We will be meeting June 25th at 7pm at Cedar Lodge at Squaw Creek Park, the location of our Celticfest, we will be meeting with Jason, the park manager to go over details. Please spread the word!

In the news

Craig Hazelbaker, one of our society pipers (and the piper at my wedding 19 years ago!) is in the Cedar Rapids Gazette today! Check it out. CLICK HERE, pops to new window.

A nice bit of history on Robert the Bruce

The Telegraph today has an article about how Robert the Bruce told Edward II that he wanted peace at nearly any cost…but Edward would have to recognize him as ruler of a sovereign Scotland. Seems that “proud Edward” didn’t agree, went north, and was soundly defeated at Bannockburn. It’s a good read. Link. (Pops to …

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Aye, the website’s changed!

And more changes are on the way! Your intrepid webmaster is switching the site over to a WordPress blog format. This will make the site easier to maintain, easier to update, and easier to read on mobile devices such as phones. I can’t do the entire change all in one go, but rest assured, most …

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