Special rules in place for this year’s Burns Supper


first, thanks for your patience with the sudden changes of venue. It was a wild week for the Council, recovering from the loss of TWO venues. We are grateful to the city of Shueyville for stepping into the breach!

But…well, Shueyville is a government, and government facilities have rules. Here’s the run-down:

  1. Smoking and vaping are strictly prohibited anywhere in the Community Center, including surrounding property. If this rule is broken, we will lose our security deposit.
  2. Hard liquor is not permitted, for the same reason — government property. We have arranged to allow beer and wine at this event (at some expense…be sure to thank the Council in general and Lynne in particular).
  3. We can have whiskey as a raffle prize, but the bottle must remain unopened. We will likely stow the bottles somewhere and have a stand-in of sorts at the actual raffle table.