New Event Announcement!

Highland Games Practice Day, Saturday, May 31st, 10AM, at Lower Kingston Stadium


Ever wanted to know more about Highland Games? Ever wanted to give them a try? Now is your chance! Come and learn, come and try…without the pressure of competition. Experienced athletes will be there to help instruct you in this low-pressure event. Who knows? Maybe it will inspire you to become an athlete at the CelticFest and Highland Games the following month!

St. Patricks Day Parade-Details

St. Patricks Day is approaching and we are getting ready for our float. Here are the details on what we will be needing:

If you have volunteered to help decorate and/or ride/walk in the parade, please arrive at the staging area “A” which is on 4th Avenue, between 5th and 6th Sts, at 11am Monday. The parade starts at 1pm, so we will use this time to decorate the float.

Read the description of needs below, and let us know if you are able to bring any props. We will obtain any final needs based on what people already have.

We need 4 people willing to be on the “float” playing golf and looking like they are having fun doing it. We need a total of 5 people walking around and near the float as it makes its way in the parade. We need a Piper to lead the “float”.

Decorations: Since we are going with the golf theme, we need a green skirt to represent grass that goes on the outside of the trailer. The people on the float need huge and easy to see from far away golf clubs for 3 people to hold and swing. A bouncy ball or yoga ball to “hit” between them, and an oversized pennant style flag for the hole marker.

I would like as many St. Andrews Flags and Ireland flags as we can get as well. No Rampant Lions please. (the gold and red lion one).

Anyone that can show up Monday to help decorate will be very welcome!

Everyone on the float or walking in the parade needs to be kilted or otherwise dressed in Scottish attire please.

I am still talking about a banner for each side of the trailer that advertises our event. If that does no thappen we will need to make signs to say what we want to say. If I do not have the banners by the Friday before the Parade we will need to get the signs together quickly.
**Also, there is no parking along the parade route. You will need to find parking in a ramp or at a meter downtown, and walk in to the staging area.**
Thank you!!

MaiFest Saturday May 3rd

HAGGIS will again be participating in Maifest in the Amana Colonies.  We will be a part of the parade and will also be selling haggis at the Taste of the World exhibition.  Plan on stopping by to say hi or, better yet, volunteer to help out!

Spring Picnic

Mark your calendars for our annual spring picnic, Saturday April 26th at 2pm, at Meadowlark Shelter at Squaw Creek Park.  Bring a dish to share and come check out where we will be hosting this years CelticFest!

Monthly Ceilidh-Special Guest

This Saturday (Mar 1st) is our monthly ceilidh and we will have special guest, Trea Champagne, who will be calling ceili dances for us, so invite your friends and get ready to dance!  Dublin City Pub, 7pm.

Highland Games $5 Off Early Registration

Attention all athletes!  Starting now there is $5 off any registration received before May 31st!  We can’t wait to see you!

Council Meeting and Ceildh info

Coming up:
Our monthly council meeting will be held Tues, Jan. 21st at 7pm at Dublin City Pub. This is 1 week earlier than usual, allowing final preparations for Burns Dinner.
Also, there will be NO CEILIDH for the month of February. Instead, members are encouraged to attend the County Johnson Irish Hooley at the Eagles Lodge in Iowa City Feb. 1st.

Highland Games

Yes, there WILL be Highland Games at our summer CelticFest. It is not too early to start thinking about it. Here is a link for more information for athletes. Spread the word!

Burns Dinner Approaches

Welcome to our new website, if this is the first time you have checked us out! Our annual Burns Dinner is just around the corner. Click on the “Burns Dinner” tab to make your reservation. We also need volunteers to help serve, decorate, make shortbread, and desserts, so please let us know how you are able to help. We’ll see you soon!

Scottish Heritage Society

We have been invited to the Scottish Heritage Society’s annual St. Andrews Banquet, Saturday, November 16th at the Des Moines Golf and Country Club.  Please contact our president if you would like more information.