February 2004


There have been some inquiries recently about clothing, food, etc. donated to H.A.G.G.I.S. and how to put a valuation on these items for I.R.S. purposes.  Some clarification seems to be needed.

As with all Non Profit Organizations the value of an item is determined by the DONOR.

We have a form on the website that can be printed or request a form from the Treasurer.

For items and purchases for which you have the original receipt- attach the receipt to our form. Have the form signed by an Executive Board member or by the person in charge of a HAGGIS sponsored booth i.e. Frugal Scot, Tea Room, etc.

For used items such as used clothing, goods, etc and you do NOT have a receipt - list the items on the form or attach a list you have compiled.
It is up to you to put the valuations you think are fair for your IRS deductions.
Do not expect HAGGIS Officers or members to do the valuations for you.
Have the form signed same as above.

A Note from the Frugal Scot - If you donate an item and have a specific price you want the item sold for, please let me know ahead of time. I will do my best to sell the item at your suggested price. If the item does not sell, then I will re-price the item for sale. The Frugal Scot only has a booth once a year. All items are stored at my home. A quick turn-over in inventory is necessary to save space. The Frugal Scot has great Scottish clothing at rock bottom prices. I intend to keep up this tradition.

Thanks to everyone who donates - Ann Gerdts